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Advocacy activity of the Public Fund «SOS Children's Villages Kyrgyzstan" is aimed at protecting and promoting the rights of orphans and children left without parental care in Kyrgyzstan, as well as children at risk of losing parental care.
Having huge experience of providing family care for children, SOS Children's Villages takes action to improve policy and practice in Kyrgyzstan. Being an organization which is practising direct work with children in difficult situations, the public fund promotes full rights and interests of children. Our experience with this group of children provides a strong basis for the development of advocacy, both at local and national levels.
On the initiative and with the participation of SOS Kinderdorf International important documents have developed and adopted to ensure the rights of children in alternative forms of care, such as "Quality Standards for Children", "UN guiding directive alternative care."

Directions of advocacy activity of the Fund:
- Promotion of the rights of orphans and children left without parental care;
- Promotion of social services in order to prevent giving child in an orphanage;
- Promote the development of alternative forms of care for children without parental care;
- Promotion of the graduates’ rights of the guardianship system.

In order to study the situation in Kyrgyzstan, related with the rights of children without parental care, the Public fund conducts research of child rights every four years.
Since 2009, the Public fund has been conducting activities to promote the graduates’ rights of the guardianship system.
This work provides promotion of children’s rights to housing, social services, education, employment, and increase their social activity.

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