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Youth Facility 1 Bishkek II

SOS Youth Facility 1 Bishkek II started functioning since November 2007. There are fifteen youngsters living in the Youth Facility. This year nine youths stay within SIL program.

14 SOS graduates got an education and started their own independent living. Most of the youngsters staying in this Youth Facility study in different institutes of higher education.   Youth Facility cooperates closely with the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Youth. Much work has been done by pedagogical personnel of the Youth Facility on attraction of sponsorship and grants for improvement of life conditions of youngsters. In 2009 as a result of active work of pedagogical personnel grant of the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany was won to the amount of 456 000 Kyrgyz som. This grant was further used for renovation of the Youth Facility. In addition to that, in 2010 building company “Komet” provided sponsorship to the amount of 80 000 Kyrgyz som for roof repair.  
In 2012 one more grant of the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany was won and it was used for extensive repairs of heating system of the building. Because of that it felt warmer and cosier in the Youth Facility in winter.

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