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Youth Facilities SOS CV Cholpon-ata

At the stage of Youth Facility youngsters not only obtain a profession but also learn to live in society, to make decisions on their own, to set and achieve goals. First Youth Facility Cholponata was established in 2007 in Bishkek.

In 2011 second Youth Facility was opened in Karakol. At present there are altogether 37 young people within two Youth Facilities, SIL program. Five young people study in higher education institutes willing to get higher education and to become highly skilled specialists. It should be noted that our youngsters continue to develop their own interests, abilities and positive communication skills. For example, Bek Abdykadyrov studying to be a diplomatist in higher education institute keeps on with his hobby – variety vocal; he participates in different activities organized both in his institute and in city performances. He already has successful achievements. At present he takes part in “Jash Kanat” project. We all support him. Each youngster has some achievements – small or considerable but all of them have their own goals and all strive to build independent and adequate living.   
Since 2010 semi-independent living stage started envisaging a gradual transition to autonomous and independent living. Young people get related job skills and do their utmost to make a career. Some young people think already on starting a family. Thus, two young girls and one young person married and started own families. Let us wish happiness and welfare to those young couples.

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