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SOS Youth Facilities

Youth Facility (hereinafter YF) is a structural subdivision of SOS Children’s Village being on the books of the village. The main objective of YF is further development of social and life skills of youths, contribution to vocational guidance and provision with a profession which would provide youngsters with a stable income and housing in the future.   
Activities of YF are aimed on completion of education and getting a profession, additional skills and knowledge acquisition, vocational guidance and occupational choice, building of personal and professional abilities promoting employment, getting job, development of independent life skills and reaching psychological maturity. 
Youth care serves the purpose of creation circumstances necessary for development and realization of abilities and interests of young people; preparation of young people for independent and autonomious life by the means of getting education, acquiring a profession and social and life skills. 
Youth care is provided by gradual guidance of children and youth in SOS Children’s Village (hereinafter CV), Youth Facility (YF), within Semi-Independent Living program and further guidance of SOS graduates.
Aim is considered to be achieved when a young person leaving SOS and forwarding to independent life has the following qualities:

A profession – young person has a basic general education, gets further education and high quality of vocational training according to his or her personal interests and abilities, and gains practical professional experience. 

A job and a stable income - young person gets a job and a stable income.

Has housing - young person is provided with adequate housing: he or she has own housing or long term lease. 

Social skills - young person knows how to live in the community: he or she knows how to communicate with other people, knows how to solve conflicts, knows his or her rights and responsibilities and respects rights and interests of other people.

Life skills - young person has practical skills necessary in everyday life: he or she cares on own health, both on mental and physical; he or she knows how to allocate funds rationally; he or she has housekeeping skills, and knows how to find hobbies in addition to work and studying. 

Emotional stability - young person has a positive attitide to life, can accept his or her past, can cultivate feeling of belonging and can take care on him/her and others.

Semi-Independent Living Program (SIL Program)
SIL is aimed at development of skills necessary for youth in their autonomous living and preparation of youth to complete independence. 
Support of SOS youths at this stage is directed on getting of permanent and stable employment by youths, separate self-reliant living and gradual transition to complete independence, and on acquiring property by them. 

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