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SOS Children Village Bishkek

Great Austrian humanist Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS Children’s Villages – child care institution with special family based care, used to say: “I do not know better support to abandoned child rather than provide him or her with mother, brothers and sisters, a caring home and village”.  

SOS Children’s Village Bishkek was constructed in Bishkek and started functioning in 1999. At present children of different nationalities and religions from all the regions of Kyrgyzstan at the age of four and older happily stay there. There are altogether 142 children in SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. Among them 84 children (42 boys and 42 girls) live in the children’s village. Those are abandoned children whose hopes for better future have revived here. Children stay in fourteen family houses (located in a circle symbolizing the sun) in family conditions, where they find home, mother and a big family. The organization devotes itself to taking care on such children in need providing them opportunities to grow up in a family environment.   
Children are brought up by SOS Mother – a family educator. SOS Mothers are supported in caring on children by SOS Aunts – family assistants. At present thirteen SOS Mothers (six of them work since the foundation of the children’s village) and nine SOS Aunts work in SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. Support of SOS families is provided by pedagogical personnel – social pedagogue, psychologist and social worker. Management of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek activities is performed by Family Based Care Leader.

Each child is provided with active support in his or her development. Each child develops in accordance with his or her individual needs and abilities. SOS Mother guides development of children entrusted to her care. The other co-workers of SOS Children’s Village support her providing her with different services and arranging activities available out of the village. There is a personal development program implemented for each child and young person. Psychological and pedagogical personnel of the village and attracted specialists organize variety of trainings on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, on prevention of HIV/AIDS, sex education, communication skills, conflict management training and child rights training. 
All the co-workers of the village respect and protect child rights. Children attend different study groups, sport sections, centers for foreign language studies, music schools and the other training centers within the city. 
Children of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek play football keenly. SOS football team takes part in tournaments of different level such as city youth tournament, street football tournaments, exhibition game and other competitions organized among children of care system institutions within Bishkek and within the country

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