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Family Strengthening Programmes

Family Strengthening Project in Cholpon-ata city started functioning since April 2006. It is aimed at decreasing the number of children abandoned by their biological families and at realizing the right of the child to bringing up in his or her own family. Particularly, it is done by the means of strengthening family providing it with social, psychological and material support. 
The project beneficiaries are families of Issyk-Kul region with under-age children having low cost of living and which are subject to risk factors (low living wage, poverty, sicknesses, death of some family members, family conflicts, remarriage, large families with many children, lack of understanding within family, etc.) leading to child abandonment. 
There is the following package of services provided to the vulnerable families by the project, which is not exhaustive and can be extended and/or modified depending on the needs of concrete Family Strengthening Project:
• Educational support
• Health support
• Social support
• Psychological support
• Support to the parents
• Economic support
• Legal support
• Support in improvement of living conditions
• Support in provision of meals
• Support in organizing of leisure time
• Support in provision of clothing
• Judicial assistance

Ultimate aim of the project is provision of support to the families in reaching self-sufficiency necessary to be able to take adequate care on their children, and thus prevention of child abandonment. The other important direction of the project is capacity building of local community so that it is able to react properly on situations when there is a risk of child abandonment.


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