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Birthday of SOS Children's Village Bishkek

19 January 2018

On January 15 SOS Children's Village Bishkek celebrated its 19th birthday.

The village was created to provide a happy childhood for its children, so the entire celebration of the birthday was also dedicated to the children.

The day began with the fact that our children skated at the rink, had fun in the photo zone and visited the "Live exotic" zoo. The zoo made a particularly indelible impression on the youngest children of the Village. Children were happy to see exotic reptiles, animals and birds, asked many questions.

After such fun activities, they returned to their beloved mothers, who were waiting their with sweet cakes. Our faithful friend Kulikovsky Sweets Shop presented each family and youth house with a tasty and fresh cake. Children were delighted!

We express our gratitude to our sponsors and partners for their help in organizing the holiday for SOS children.

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