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Jakyp uulu Bekbolsun. He is very capable and promising young person. In 2011 Bekbolsun successfully passed his graduation exams at Hermann Gmeiner School Bishkek and finished school with distinction. Bekbolsun is the pride of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. He is very reliable and well-mannered person. He devoted himself to in-depth studying of foreign languages; speaking fluent German at present he studies English thoroughly. 
   In April 2011 Jakyp uulu Bekbolsun participated in competitive entrance examination to International Relations Department of Moscow State Institute of International Relations and was admitted on state-financed basis. By now he has already completed his second course.  
In August 2012 Jakyp uulu Bekbolsun became one of the scholars of the Presidential program for gifted students of Kyrgyzstan studying abroad. Being second course student on International Relations Department of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Bekbolsun won this scholarship among other 18 students-winners. He received financial support of the government for ten months of studying to the amount of 400 USD per month.
There are talented children in the SOS Children’s Villages and our children are able not only making SOS organization famous but also to represent the country in the world arena with dignity. We believe our gifted children will attract more attention at different activities and we will do our best to provide them further with adequate support for self-realization  




Asylbek uulu Altynbek. Putting his own efforts and with support of Checkpoint Authority Altynbek entered Military Academy of Kazakstan. In August 27, 2011 he took the oath and in August 30 he went to Almaty for studying. He successfully completed the second course of the Academy. Altynbek was awarded with letter of commendation of the Border Forces Committee for his high achievements in studying and military service.
Altynbek studies well and he likes a profession chosen by him. Being restrained, confident, steady, hardworking and goal-seeking person he is a worthy role model for the other children of SOS Children’s Village. Altynbek is planning to graduate from the Academy, do military service, and also to create his own football team and to have a well-spent life in the future.  





Milana Bukanova. From the early childhood Milana attended Ballet school. When Milana was on her third grade the Director of Bishkek Ballet School Mrs. Reina Chokoeva noted her ballet appearance and potential. She became one of the best students of the school. Milana is invited to performances and shows. She always passes her examinations with distinction. Milana finished piano class of music school. She took part in many performances like “Raimondi”, “Tales from the Vienna Woods”, “Pokhita”, “The Seasons” and others.     
In 2012 Milana was nominated for Presidential scholarship. Thus, she became a scholar in “Prelude” nomination.
At present Milana is a graduate of Bishkek Ballet School named after Cholponbek Bazarbaev ballet dancer by profession. She has successfully entered “The Art of Direction and Ballet” department of the Kyrgyz National Conservatoire. 



In February 5, 2013 a gifted girl of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek, student of 10th grade of Hermann Gmeiner School  Jakyp kyzy Nurzada participated international scholars competition and gained the lead in that; namely, she got an opportunity to visit Germany. There were 40 participants of the contest from different secondary schools from Bishkek, Talas and Karakol. The task of the competition was to write an essay in German on the topic “We live in 2020”. At the beginning of August the winners of the contest went to Germany for month. Trips to Berlin, Bonn, Munich, Köln and Hamburg were included into the program.  
Undoubtedly, those results were achieved by Nurzada’s hard work. Besides, Nurzada has a great role model – her brother Jakyp uulu Bekbolsun, a talented graduate of SOS Children’s Village  Bishkek.              



Dilmurat Moldobaev is a gifted youngster of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. He is a student of one of the most prestigious higher education institutes in the world; Dilmurat is a student of Chemical Engineering Department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He entered this Institute on his own having won a scholarship, air flight costs to fly to US and visa costs. Dilmurat is not just a talented person, he is a genius. His versatile talents allowed him to prove out himself in variety fields of sciences and creative work; he used to win different contests of young talents since his childhood. But his interest in technical sciences always was dominant. Dilmurat was a permanent participant of republic and international chemic contests. His crowning glory is the third place won in chemistry competition in Cambridge.  SOS organization sets big hopes on Dilmurat and all the children of the SOS Children’s Village consider him as a role model and want to have the same achievements in the future. And Dilmurat, on his part studies well and is aimed at getting good education, coming back to Kyrgyzstan and using knowledge received in practice to promote development of his motherland.  






SOS Mothers recognition day  in CV Cholponata

May 26, 2012 is firmly fixed in memories of our SOS Mothers. At ten years anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Cholponata in cultural centre “Ruh Ordo” seven SOS Mothers who have worked in the Children’s Village for more than ten years were honoured. This is an existing SOS tradition. The SOS Mothers were rewarded by honourable golden rings of SOS Kinderdorf International, and received certificates of honour of the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyz Republic, honorary titles “Outstanding Education Specialist” and “Outstanding Social Development Specialist”, the other certificates of honour of regional authorities and valuable gifts from friends of SOS Children’s Village. The event was remained in memories of participants because of performances, dances, poetry, Komuz compositions, “Manaschy” performance and because of appreciation of the graduates of SOS Children’s Village, as well as by dramatized show “Bugu Ene” performed by the children of SOS Children’s Village Cholponata.       

Friends and visitors of SOS Children’s Village representatives of the Ministry of Social Protection, Issyk-Kul and Naryn regional authorities, public organizations were touched by festive celebration. Many of them had tears of joy in their eyes. Warm and cordial atmosphere of the event was transmitted to all the witnesses of the celebration. The event finished late into the night and was closed by a grandiose salute.                                                                         




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