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Members of the Supervisory Board

SOS Children’s Villages International         
Regional Director     
Samal – 2, 98 – 1      
050051 Almaty     

Born on December 30, 1958 in Zagreb, Croatia. He has completed master degree in the University of social pedagogy in Zagreb.

Work experience:
1982 – 1986  Work in various child protection institutions in Zagreb, Croatia on the project on integrating children with psychosis into the regular educational system (inclusive education)
1986 – 1990  Probation officer for children and youths in Zagreb Center for Social work
1990 – 1992  Director of Center for Social Work in Zagreb; working on organizational issues for comprehensive social protection in the conditions of war in Croatia
1992 – 2001  National Director in SOS Children’s Village Croatia Organization and establishment of SOS Children’s Village in Croatia (2 SOS CVs, 2 KGs, Social Centre and overall organization)
2001 – 2005  Project Director for SOS KDI in the countries; Slovakia, Ukraine. Project manager in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
2005  Regional Director for SOS CVI; responsible for the region III, namely for the countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Mr. Sedlar has joined SOS Children’s Villages International in 1992 and has worked on various projects as a directly responsible person for overall start up and development of programs as well as the development of board of directors, cooperation with the governments of the countries of his work in establishing the needed structures and support the organizational development in order to support the countries for further self-sustainability.

Speaks Croatian and English language, married since 1981, father of one son, Croatian by nationality.
In 2009 is awarded with the "Medal of Altinsarin - The highest State Reward of the Ministry of Education" from the Republic of Kazakhstan.




   Kyrgyz Republic
   Bishkek, 720001

   (+ 996 312) 935 581
   (+ 996 555) 950 176



• 7 year of extensive experience in Economic Policy Development through Public Private Dialogue.
• 12 years of professional experience with development and commercial organizations.
• Specialized knowledge in Small and Medium Enterprise development in urban and rural areas.
• Professional relations with government officials, business networks and mass media.
• Knowledge of current political and economical developments in the KR.
• Ability to execute comprehensive projects from concept to full operational status.
• Proven communication skills and the ability to negotiate with diverse stakeholders.
• Highly motivated and result-oriented professional.
M.A., Law, Kyrgyz National University (JUSUP BALASAGYN), September 1997- 2004;
Lyman High School, Longwood, FL, USA, 1996-97.

CEO, PA Chamber of Tax Consultants, Bishkek, KR        May ‘07 – now;
CEO, PA Bishkek Business Club, Bishkek, KR                       Sep ‘06 – May ’13;
Co-Chair, Consultative Council under the State Customs Committee, BISHKEK, KR        Feb ‘07 – Sep’09;
Marketing and Business Relations Consultant, INPAR Elektrik Traiding Company, Istanbul, Turkey    May ‘06 – Aug ’06;
Program Specialist, Academy for Educational Development, Bishkek, KR                   Aug ‘02 – Apr ’06;
Program Assistant for Civic Programming, National Democratic Institute, Bishkek, KR          Feb ‘02 - Aug ’02;
Field Engineer / Technical Assistant, CH2MHILL, Manas International  Airport Modernization Project     Aug ‘99 - Jan ’01;
Engineer Assistant, HOCHTIEF Construction Company, Manas International Airport  Modernization Project    Apr ‘99 - Aug ’99;   

• Research fellow of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs 2010-2011;
• Fellow member of the John Smith Memorial Trust Fellowship Program 2011;
• Board Director of the Public Association “Congress of Business Association” – 2006-08;
• Board Director of the Regional Education Network “EdNet” – 2007-10;
• Board Director of the Professional Business Development Association – 2007-08;
• Member of Central Eurasian Leadership Academy Network – 2008 –now;
• Fellow of the John Smith Memorial Trust - 2011;
• Founder and member of the National Alliance of Business Associations – 2007-now;

• Public Supervisory Council of Energy Sector Transparency under the Ministry of Energy – 2010-now;
• Public Supervisory Council under the State Tax Services – 2010-now;
• State Commission of civil monitoring of the Government on property protection – 2010-now;
• Working group on Optimization of Inspections under the Ministry of Economic Regulations – 2010-now;
• Inter-ministerial Commission on Optimization of State Services under MER – 2010-now;
• Supervisory Council of the "Strengthening the Potential of Economic Governance" – 2010-now;
• Working Group on Developing of “Concept of Tourism Development in 2010-2020” – 2010-now;
• Working Group on Private Property Protection under the Ministry of Justice – 2010-now;
• State Commission on assessment of economic damages by K. Bakiev’s regime – 2010;
• Methodological Council on Fiscal Policy under the Ministry of Economic Regulation  (MER) – 2009-now;
• Regulatory Impact Analysis workgroup under the Mayor's office – 2007-now;
• Consultative Council  under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade –2007-08;
• Working group on investment climate under the Ministry of Economic Development – 2008;
• Consultative Council under the General Prosecutor Office – 2007-now;
• Investment Council under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2007-10;
• Working group on legalization of shadow economy under the Ministry of Finance – 2006-07;


 Natalia Slastnikova

Executive Director of Leadership Development

American University of Central Asia



Natalia Slastnikova is the Director of Leadership Development at the American University of Central Asia.


Natalia served as the Vice President of Institutional Development and founded the AUCA Alumni Association, the Annual Fund, the Parent Fund and the Advisory Board for BA Program at AUCA.

In 2006 she founded the Career Center and the Continuing Education Center of AUCA.

In 2012 within the Continuing Education Center she developed and launched Children’s Academy of Growth aimed to develop language, communication, technical, business, and creative skills of children.

She designs, plans and coordinates educational programs for life-long learners and comprehensive career services for AUCA students. She develops and delivers courses and trainings on Leadership, Management, Effective Presentation and Public Speaking, Teambuilding, Career Planning and Development.


 Azamat Akeleev

Director of “Promotank” LLC







Azamat Akeleev is the founding director of “Promotank” LLC, a consulting company, which provides market research, economic and business analysis, promotional campaigns and communication products.

Promotank’s clients include local private sector entities as well as international organizations and foundations such as Bosch Group, GIZ, Eurasia Foundation, JICA and USAID.

Mr. Akeleev also chairs the Public Supervisory Board at the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic and is an active member of the Bishkek Business Club.

Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Akeleev taught marketing, branding and strategy at the American University in Central Asia (AUCA), while simultaneously chairing and redesigning its MBA program. He continues to be an assistant professor at AUCA.

In 2001-2004 Mr. Akeleev served as a regional marketing coordinator for the USAID/Pragma enterprise development project working in all five countries of Central Asia.


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